“I still have Nikki’s first piece of art from when she was in kindergarten. It’s a perfect apple cutout in red construction paper. I’ve had it in a frame ever since.” – Nikki’s mom

Nikki and Sherlock

Nikki and Sherlock, 1985.

Born in Chicago and raised in sunny California.

Nikki’s been surrounded by art and animals her entire life. Nikki claims her first pet portrait was at age 15 when she drew her Grandma’s cat, Ming Tu. Nikki attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. After taking her first painting class, she declared her major in Studio Art and graduated in 2001.

It started with Garbo’s portrait.

Her love for adventure sent her back across the country to Portland, Oregon. It was while living there that Nikki painted the family dog, Garbo, as a Christmas gift for her Mom. After Garbo had passed away, this painting became the most treasured piece of art on her mom’s walls. Nikki’s mom was able to continue to be greeted and warmed by Garbo’s sweet face and soulful eyes every single day.  It brought her joy, happiness and tranquility. It was then that Nikki knew she had to do this for others. In 2004, at the age of 25, Nikki lauched her career with Pet PawTraits.

Nikki and Radar Love, 2009.

Nikki and Radar Love, 2009.

Nikki paints from her heart and soul.

Nikki returned to her roots in California and now paints out of her backyard studio with her two faithful tail-waggin’ assistants, Petey and Radar Love.  She has painted 200+ animals nationwide and has raised close to $50,000 with her art for various animal organizations and non-profits. Nikki is continually inspired by the joy and companionship shared with our four-legged family members. Her greatest joy continues to be the smiles and expressions on her clients’ faces when they see their pawtrait for the first time. As a break from the studio, Nikki enjoys spending time with her dogs, family and world travel with the love of her life.