Where are you located?

Nikki’s studio is located in Sacramento, California where she works alongside her faithful tail-wagging assistants, Petey and Radar Love.

Can you come to my house to meet my four-legged friend(s)?

Nikki loves to be able to meet with the animals she paints. Currently, she only travels within California in the greater Sacramento area. Many of her clients are located outside of Sacramento, in which case she makes sure to get to know them and their pet as best she can through email and by phone.

How much does a pawtrait by Nikki cost?

Prices start at $950. To see the complete price list and information on commissions, please click here.

Does Nikki sell prints or note cards of her paintings?

Yes, you can view items that are for sale by visiting our online shop. If there is a specific image you are interested in purchasing that you don’t see in our shop, please contact us.

What about gift certificates?

A gift certificate is an extremely unique gift for all occasions. To purchase a gift certificate, please contact Nikki.

How does Nikki get the animals to sit still long enough for their portrait?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions especially after finding out that Nikki spends one to four months on a painting!  Though she would love to be able to paint from life, she work primarily from photos…the more the better.

Can Nikki paint more than one animal in a pawtrait?

Nikki has done several paintings with more than one animal. There is an extra charge for any painting with more than one animal. View Nikki’s commissions page for more info or contact us for a quote.

Can you donate to our charity?

Creating art for charitable organizations is something Nikki has done her entire career and brings her much joy. However, she receives a large number of donation requests each year and is limited in the number she can honor. Please contact us to make a request and we may be able to help out.

Does Nikki have any animals?

Yes, Nikki has a black lab/shephard mix named Radar Love and a black pit/dalmation (aka Pitnation) named Petey. She also had a Silvermit ferret named Finnegan and is happy he is resting peacefully now.

What is Nikki’s favorite color?

Today, Cadmium Red and Viridian Green. Ask me again tomorrow.

We hope this may have answered your questions. If not, please feel free to ask your own.